Sunday, August 1, 2010

Faces, Faces, Faces II--Fiesta!

I have been busy this week, but most of it I can't share just yet.

On HGTV Message Board we have a "teacup swap" started by Nickilee of RavioliDreams. It's loads of fun, and coming to an end soon...but since it is a challenge and folks will be voting...I can't post any photos of my teacup block. (which BTW is not yet finished...but almost!)

On MAP we are having a christmas ornament swap...and my three are also almost done. And, since they are a surprise for the swap partners...I can't show you them either!

Next, I have been working on a design of a purse for a friend...and we are both so busy, we have "pushed" our self-made deadline back three times...we are up to next year right now! But I'm hoping to get it done sooner...even so, I can't post!! Yikes!

What to share? What to share?

Oh, I just sent in my Faces, Faces, Faces II blocks for this round of crazy can show you my international faces block for Mexico that Peggy requested. It is in the mail to the next robinette...Linda in Canada. So, here is a little eye candy for you! It just makes me want to dance (badly I might add...but I am willing to try!)

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