Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Herringbone Template

I have the next twenty stitches sketched for the TDITM; but have to find time to stitch some before posting them.

This next series will be for the Herringbone Stitch. So, if you don't have a template for that yet, here's a photo to get you started. You can save the photo above, and paste it into any type of document. Then just drag the corner to change the size to something in the scale you enjoy stitching.

Paste it more than once, and change the sizes to have a page full of different herringbone templates.

If you print your document on clear acetate (or take the document to the local Office store and ask they to copy it on to a clear transparency) you will have a sheet of templates. Cut them apart. Use a 1/16th inch hole punch and punch where the "dots" are in the stitch and you will have a stitch guide for the base of these upcoming stitches.

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