Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Embroidery

As is my glorious habit, I've been stitching! Not so much crazy quilting lately as I am getting giftees ready to mail.

One of the lovely ladies (Bea) on HGTV Message Boards has a wonderful Christmas swap that takes a whole year to prepare for! We gather up items for our "Polly" in a variety of categories. Some are for the home, like "Mrs. Clauses Kitchen or Holiday Home" and some are specifically related to stitching, like "Buttons, Beads or Cotton". There are twenty categories in total...and the swap is intended to be really good gifts, so it is not inexpensive...which is why we spread it out over a year to accumulate our "treasures".

It is almost time to mail, and my three boxes are sealed and ready to be shipped! We are required to include some hand made items in the mix...and here are three embroidery designs that will be included...along with some other hand made things that I have already blogged about.

I get a lot of designs and inspiration from a flickr group that I belong to. If you like to do embroidery work, check out the group Hoop Love Vintage Transfers on Flickr.

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