Monday, January 17, 2011

Melissa's Block is Ready to Go Home!

The beads have been added to Melissa's block. I still have to do the last tiny know my own personal rule "When you are done...add three more things!" So, I will review all the work and place a tiny charm or bead here and there to finish it up. Then, it's into the mail to Melissa in California! Here is the final photo of the whole block! Beads do make a huge statement don't they!
And here are the closeup photos. First, the bottom left corner. I went back and added ribbon leaves to the little spiderweb roses in the top seam. Next, some Fimo clay roses were added and seed beads. I usually get questions about my rose beads...and I get them on Ebay whenever I see them. I wish I had a permanent supplier...with reasonable prices...I just love them! I also have a whole tub of modeling clay...unopened...and want to try making my own...but NO TIME for that yet! Someday...someday...! The snail trail seam through the monogram "M" has been adorned with some sequin flowers topped with bead flowers. The little butterfly sequin was sent to me from my friend Marina in Russia, I would love to find more of these! They are so pretty!
Next, the upper left corner. Some trios of Swarvoski pearls and more rose beads finish off the double herringbone seam. The wrapped cretin stitch seam has little flower beads dancing along it. And I completed the tiny chevron seam with French knots.

And, the upper right corner. The crochet flowers now have pearl centers and I've added a couple of green acrylic leaves. Between these, large rose beads have been stitched...with white pearl leaves.
 Finally, the lower right corner. You'll see I decided to finish the embroidery motif design by Mary Corbet of Needlenthread...with beads. And I just love how it turned out! The little acrylic "bell style" beads have a 3mm pearl above them...then inside are two seed bead size pearls and a 4mm pink pearl ends the string. These are stitched all as one unit...multiple times...then the thread is couched down between the top and bottom beads. Remember the beading rule...they have to be secure! The little "stars" on the seam line have French knots added to the spokes and a floral bead added to the center. The blanket stitch seam has 2mm pearls added to it. And a little lime green butterfly was put into the littlest patch.
I hope seeing the progress of Melissa's block in detail will inspire your own stitching. And if you are on the fence about crazy quilting...jump off! It's loads of fun!

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