Sunday, January 9, 2011

Melissa's Drop Flowers

Okay, I'm a little further along on Melissa's block...see earlier post on 1/7/2011 Here is a reminder of one of the motifs I'm going to embroidery. I traced the design onto tissue paper, and basted that to the block.
I thought that I'd share a few process steps with you. I like working with tissue paper, because it is fast...and I don't draw directly onto the project (which means I can change my mind if I wanted to move it before actually stitching). In this design I will not embroidery the flower heads...I am debating beads or silk ribbon...and have not yet made up my mind. But for the stem and will be embroidery. To start, I stitch these areas in a simple backstitch in olive green perle cotton, size 8 thread.
Now, you can see from the photo that stitching through the tissue paper can be done without tearing it to shreds. I think there a few things to remember when doing this however...mostly, be gentle in handling...for obvious reasons. Also, having the block in a frame...and you can barely see the side of my little Q-snap frame in this key to keeping the work flat, taut, and easy to handle. Work carefully in a needle up, needle down motion...not both steps together as a continuous flow. That helps to not "disturb" the tissue while you are working.
Here's what the design looks like when the tissue paper is removed. Very simple and basic at this stage. The point is, you don't have to stitch the entire image...just get the basics in with the tissue paper as a guide. Next, I'll go to the bottom of the stem and work upwards wrapping the backstitches...and then the leaves will be wrapped as well.
And, here is the end result after the backstitches have been turned into Wrapped Backstitch. I added some little detached chain (Lazy Daisy) stitches along the design as well. You might note that these are not in the same place or size as in Mary's original design that was traced on to the tissue paper (scroll up and you'll see this). But, Mary works a lot in silk threads and embroidery floss strands...I don't usually...most of my crazy quilt (and hence embroidery) is done is perle cotton. If I want fine details I use size 12...but for the most part...I stitch in size 8.
Whenever I finally make up my mind on what type of flower heads to use...I'll photograph them and let you see a finished motif!

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