Saturday, January 8, 2011

BJP 2011 January Thinking

Here is my January Dragonfly for BJP2011.

This is my first year to join in on the Beaded Journal Project...and I already having a head full of ideas! Finally, I decided on a theme for my monthly beaded projects...critters! If you follow the blog, you know that I do a lot of blocks and projects for friends, cyber friends, and family.
 One thing I want to do for myself is a large crazy quilt project. I have visions of shabby chic with loads of white, cream, beige fabrics with bits of pastels in lace and embellishments. I have not pieced the first block, because I do not want them to be square...and have not decided on what I "do" want yet! Agrrrrr...some on brain, you can do it! Sorry, I digress...
Anyway, I thought that critters would be a good addition to the project...when it ever gets off the ground! And, I want the critters to be all sizes...some large, some small, some round, some not so round...a real variety.
Therefore, all of my BJP 2011 monthly projects will be critters that I can later stitch down to the crazy quilt full size project. This complicates the creation process some too...because each item must be able to be attached firmly to the final crazy quilt project. So, this first one is also a test! As you might be able to tell from the photo, I used water soluble (traced with a chalk pencil) and hooped it on top of felt. After stitching all the beads firmly into place...I hope to be able to carefully cut the dragonfly out and then be able to handstitch him into the CQ project...more about that when the time comes I'm sure!!
Here are the big stones I'm thinking of using...and other smaller ones will cover the wings, body, and tail. So wish me luck! I'm off on a new adventure in beading! Oh, here's a closeup of the main beads...I wish you could see just how gorgeous these are!

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