Friday, January 7, 2011

Melissa's Hearts and Flowers Block

Here's a crazy quilt block I'm beginning to stitch on for a cyber pal, Melissa. She pieced the block...and swapped with me. We are both going to keep the theme "flowers and hearts" in mind as we embellish each block. Oh, and you might want to check out Melissa's blog "Honey Bee's Bliss" as she is a whiz at silk ribbon...and I love looking at all her eye candy on her site!

This will be mailed by mid, I thought I had better get started. My first thought was to do some seams, but then I had a second thought that the block was so small...about 9 inches...and I might stitch myself into a fix if I didn't figure out what motifs I might want to add. Embroidery is the first medium that jumps into my off I went to hunt some designs.
The first was easy, a simple monogrammed "M"...for Melissa of course! And this one was so fast to stitch, I just couched some 7mm silk ribbon down with silk thread in a matching color. Add a rose and some French Knots...done! Yeah!!
 The next motif was a bow with hearts...and I'm working on that so will have some photos later this week I think of a finished product. I don't remember where I got this little heart from...but most likely it was the Flickr Pool I belong to called Hoop Love Vintage Transfers. Check them out! They have some great embroidery motifs you can use on your own projects...and contribute some to the pool too!
 That one's a little hard to make out...perhaps this last one will be better. By the way, these were printed and then I traced the image on to tissue any errors are my own poor tracing skills...not the creator of the design. LOL! This last little flower is from a design of Hanging Flowers that Mary of NeedlenThread posted. If you have not checked out her are missing a wealth of embroidery knowledge! It is my very favorite site to visit!
So, I'm off to stitch some more!

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