Saturday, January 15, 2011

Melissa's Stitches

The progress on Melissa's block continues...the motifs are decided on and the embroidery ones are stitched. So, it's on to the seams. Today, I'll show you the basic seams...before beads and such are added. Here is the block stitched...then I'll show you closeups.

Here is the lower left corner. The curves are simple wrapped back stitch and I traced objects (spool of beading thread, etc.) to help me make the curves. The others are straight stitched bases of herringbone and half circles...using the templates. The combination part is simple lazydaisy and straight stitches. You might note the little "stars" at the top of the one seam closest to the floral print...these are the 5-spoke stitches that will hold Spider-web roses.
 Next, here's the upper left corner. You can see the herringbone again, and the chevron and cretan base stitches...also from the templates come into view. The cretan is wrapped and the others have straight stitches and lazydaisy (detached chain) stitches added. Nothing hard...anyone can do this!

And, the upper right corner. You've already seen the heart the only addition is the chain stitch snail's trail...again, I used the half circle template to mark the line.

Lastly, the lower right corner. I've added a couple of little zig-zag bases in the smallest patches...and filled in around the motif with straight stitch "stars" and some blanket stitches. One of the little zigzag bases has a stem and little straight stitch leaves...these will be some sort of flower. Nope, I don't know what kind yet...but I'll decide that later on.

I'll start adding fibers and laces next...anything except beads. And, I'll be back with more photos then!

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