Thursday, January 20, 2011

UTS Block Started

It seems that my present stitch life is just packed full of Round Robins these days...and it's great to get to stitch so many different styles of projects. If you stitch and have not tried round robins...I really highly recommend you consider finding a group that fits you and...stitch more! Here is the beginning of the Under The Sea crazy quilt round robin.
Feather stitches...layered on top of each other...five different colors. These are a must (IMHO) for an under the sea block. And since this is round one...the very beginning, I just HAVE to add them.

Perhaps it would be good to let you know that I just received this block from it's creator...and I'm the first of several ladies to get to stitch on it. Being first is a big your stitching can set the tone for the entire block. It is a little scary...and also really exciting. I think this is especially true for seascape type blocks...because they lend themselves to realistic stitching...and it is not necessary to do the traditional stitching sequence. You know, stitch the some motifs...add some lace...Voila, you have a block. (of course that order changes with each stitcher...and with each project) With seascapes you can ignore the seams all together if you like...don't do any seams at all if you wish. You can use stitching to actually create an under water world...and never do a seam! The colors in this specific block really are suited to this style...browns for the sand and blues/aquas for the water.

So, traditional is out the window on this one!! And, I've added some rocks...and sea plants. Let's see what we do next! Come on to me!!

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