Sunday, January 23, 2011

UTS Plant Life

The Under The Sea block continues. I wanted to add some more plant-life, and a woven detached plant will be first.The little round plant is a Pandora large hole bead that I'm wrapping in green Perle cotton. The woven tall plants are easy to create, but a little tedious.
Here is how the tall plants were made: To help keep the plant the same width from top to almost bottom, I put two pins in the background fabric horizontally; and to set the height I put one pin in vertically. The base threads will be woven around these pins.
First, needle up at the base of the plant. Bring the thread under the heads of the pins (right side), around the head of the vertical pin (top) and under the points of the pins (left side). Needle down back near the start point, but not in the same hole. Needle up close to the start point, wrap thread behind the vertical pin.
 Next, change to a blunt tip tapestry needle (or use the eye of the needle you already have, as I have) and weave the end of the thread over the middle thread and under the right thread. This begins the weaving process. Go from side to side weaving the thread over and under as you would in making a basic weave. (If you go over a thread in row 3, then go under that thread in row 4, etc) Keep moving from left to right...then from right to left...weaving. Keep the thread loose. Slide the needle up toward the top to "srunch" the threads up tight.
The plant shape will begin to form as you weave back and forth. Keep the horizontal pens in until your weaving gets close then remove one at a time as the weave builds.
Continue in this manner until you reach the bottom of the plant. Take a few tacking stitches to anchor the bottom securely and keep the weaves from shifting.
Remove the vertical pin and you can see that the plant is detached and free standing except at the base. If you did not want the plant detached...a small stitch could have been taken at the top when you began the weaving process to anchor it. 
It is also possible to stitch the detached plant without the horizontal pins in place as guides...but the stitches have to be kept loose so as not to pull the threads to tightly and distort the shape of the plant.
And, here is the last vertical plant...the last step was stitching down the Pandora bead.
 Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial...and will try this stumpwork technique on a project too.

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