Saturday, January 22, 2011

English Garden...template seams

I've gotten a couple of seams completed on the current English Garden round robin block. Both are using the templates. The first is a zigzag seam of French Knot flowers...Stitch #12 in the book.
Here is the seam, all done!
Just perfect for an English Garden block I think. Now on to the next seam...and if you are still dragging your feet on using templates...let me show you how easy they are. This next seam is butterflies...and is also included in the book's templates patterns. A reminder that first we print the templates, cut them apart, and punch out little holes...then, lay the chosen template where you want your stitches to be and mark a tiny pencil dot in each template hole. (It took me just about 2 hours to do cut and punch ALL of the templates, and you can see that I have them on a little "ring"...and I use them constantly...well worth the 2 hours it took to prepare them!).

Then, when you move the template...your little dots can be used to guide your stitches.
And lastly, stitch. These butterflies are done in 3mm silk ribbon with black embroidery done in size 8 perle cotton...straight stitches.
I have also added some French knots to the little is so small, that much stitching would really overpower it...but, it needed some more this is it.
 I still want to add to the border...but my muse has not decided what that addition will be yet!

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