Thursday, March 10, 2011

Frank is a Master Craftsman!

Or, at least in my book he is! And, don't tell my friend Eileen...but, I might be in love with her husband! He has to be a special prince to be so talented! Check out my keepsake chest he made for me!!!
I have done a couple of CQ things for Eileen, and you have seen me post them here on the blog...and she said Frank was gonna make me a box as a thank you. I cool...maybe a cigar box kind of thingee...and I could keep little trinkets in it. But no...this is a real TREASURE!
My best embroidery scissors will be going in the top tray...

and I'll be stitching a pin cushion just the right size to fit into the bottom, along with some special needle cases too! THANKS FRANK!!
Aileen's blog is Free Range Stitchin...hop on over and tell Frank what you think of his keepsake chest!

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