Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting Personal

How would you like a needle case, tote-bag pocket, or other project with your name monogrammed on it? Don't have an embroidery machine, or just prefer to do hand-stitching? Here are a couple of my friends' names done in Edwardian Script with Illustrator software.

The little "bee" is one of the motifs in my Embellishing Crazy Quilts books. I think the "open" section of these letters could be filled with satin stitch, or left as is...or colored with art pencils.

If you would like to have your name or any name created...just drop me a note or leave a comment here (as long as I have your email address). I'd be happy to create a free design file just for you. I would email you two files (a pdf version & jpeg photo version). All you have to do is print the 3-inch high Monogram and use that as a pattern for your hand-stitching. You can also adjust the photo file to reduce or enlarge the size of the monogram before printing. Even simply stitched in a basic back-stitch, the script looks so pretty! Here's just the "B" done...

You can personalize anything you want to create! And to you moms...yes, I'll do your child's or grandchild's name too! Even a basic name like "Baby" for a gift would be fun! It only takes a little while to create the files; but if there are a lot of requests...they will be first in/first out!

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