Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crazy Quilts in the 1800's

I've been checking out some old books on line at the U.S. Archives Organization. Here's one I came across and loved the artwork on the front and back inside cover! Published in 1886. Lovely colors and artwork!
And, although the book is primarily about embroidery threads and such (being published by a prominent company that manufactured the same)...it had this paragraph regarding the possible origin of crazy quilting. Just made me shake my head!

QUOTE: "It is a mystery where the idea of “crazy” patch-work originated. It would not be an unreasonable supposition that it opened its eyes of origin among the unfortunates in some of our asylums, for, although partially demented, the majority are neither idle nor lacking in sensible adaptation to various works of skill." END QUOTE

Just made me shake my head!


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