Monday, April 25, 2011

Marvelous Monday Motifs!

Thought I'd try something new! Each Monday, I'll be posting two embroidery motifs. No, I'm not going to be creating new ones each week...that would make me "crazy"...and not in a good way! Oh, sometimes they will be something I did myself...but I can not create two each week!
I have over the past couple of years noticed a lot of embroidery motifs (like the one above), posted on the web. Usually these are yellow and terribly hard to use after printing the design out. And a great many of these are not actual motifs really...but scans of a scan (of a scan?) of an old catalog created by the J. F. Ingalls Company. While digging in the archives I found the original scan of the entire 1886 old catalog, all 286 pages! It is full of lovely embroidery designs; hundreds more than I could ever draw! However, it also takes up 223 megabites of memory...and a LONG time to download. And it's a secure pdf file that can not be altered...making pulling photos very tedious. (It takes me using several softwares...(Illustrator, Cute PDF Writer, Picassa, Paint, Adobe Reader) to create a usable motif image. I'm sure there is an easer way, but these are the software packages that I have...and can work!) Because the file is so large, and a secure pdf...I figured that many folks reading my blog might not have taken the time or trouble (or space) to download this entire catalog. And if they did, have found they can only print it. So, each Monday (when I don't have a design of my own to share)...I'll be sharing two pages from this catalog as jpeg files. These can be resized using your photo software. I will also upload these pages in pdf form into the Yahoo Files so you can get them there as well. So, check out these first two pages:

We'll just keep going until we work through the entire catalog!
Please NOTE: This catalog is not under copyright any longer; but the scanned version released to the public domain on 17 July 2007 (the source of my information) does come with restrictions. None of these designs can be sold. They are for your individual use.

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