Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hard or Easy in the Mornings?

Hard to get up in the mornings? 
Old lady

This is the avatar that I use for my posts on HGTV Message Board. No, I don’t roll my hair any more…so the curlers are NOT me. However, I think I did own a bath robe like that once. And, my hair is gray (well mostly)…but otherwise, it could be me…in a dark alley perhaps, with your glasses off…I’m just saying.

Looking at this photo today made me wonder something. Are you a morning person? Are you able to get into your car within 15 minutes of waking and still drive safely? Or, do you have to be out of bed for at least an hour before uttering your first intelligent word?

I’m one of those disgusting folks that can get up and out the door in record setting time. (I didn’t say I was always in a great mood when I went out that door….no sir…not always.)

And, I’m a much happier grandma after I have made a trek downstairs to my mother’s house for coffee. It is nice to still have my mom, and nice that she makes coffee each morning, and nicer that we can sit and talk about whatever topic comes to mind.

So, how do you get your day started?

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