Friday, April 22, 2011

Roses are in Bloom!

Yea! The roses are all in bloom! I'd love to say that Mom and My backyard is full of rose bushes...but, it is sadly not. We have a rose bed that I put in for mother three years ago, it has four long-stem rose bushes and two are in bloom. Last year, we could not cut these back until January...they were still blooming on Christmas!

At Aidan's playhouse, we also planted roses. Two topiary trees. One of them has been blooming each year, but the second one only lasted the first year. However, the single one has gotten so huge it's probably a good thing that only one of them made it!
It rained heavily last night, so some limbs are kind of "droopy" this morning holding all of that water. The long poles are mostly cane; some of the newer limbs need to be tied up to support all of the new grown since last year. That's a task for a drier day!

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