Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Night The Lights Went Out...

I had no idea when I posted about the Alabama storms...that the same tornado that came through Tuscaloosa...would also march up the state...and come within 15 miles of my home.

We are fine. However, we have no power. We got a generator for Mom's house she has a refrigerator/freezer and her breathing machine hooked up. I'm working with lanterns and a flashlight. We also have no cable or internet. Right now, I'm 30 miles down the road at my sister's ... laptop in I can post a quick not to let ya'll know what's up. The local power company has said it could be 3-5 days...or more...before the lights are back on. So, you know that I'll post just as soon as I can...we are safe! PTL! Some homes in the area are longer there. Horrible!
Continue to think of us and remember all of Alabama in your prayers!

UPDATE: Woot! Woot! Hooray for Alabama Power and the City of Piedmont Utilities crews...OUR POWER IS BACK ON! We were 29 hours in the black...but now, the lights are back on! Hoping all will get back to normal tomorrow!

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