Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother Nature is Busy!

Today is a nice restful Sunday...a slight breeze is blowing and the sun is shinning! But, Mother Nature is still busy at work. 
Our garden is planted (mostly) and look what I found popping their heads out!

Mom has tomatoes, green beans, and squash up on her garden spot. I'm still waiting to see my squash seeds sprout up. Also planted lima beans and hoping they will get growing fast too! I still have a little part of two rows that need something in them...but have not decided what. Leaning towards peppers...

We still have about 30 tomato plants that are in little cups...if ya'll need any, come on over! I'm thinking about taking a couple of them and putting two large pots on the steps...for Aidan to have a "garden".  She has that little bed over at her play house...but it is full of bulbs and her rose bush. I don't want to do anything that would hurt thinking pots might be a good alternative.

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