Sunday, October 16, 2011

Judy Martin is Great.....Me, Not So Much...

I'm rusty! Didn't realize just how much until this past week. 
 I sat down with my favorite book of quilt patterns by Judy stitch up 4 blocks for a row-by-row Round Robin.
 For almost three years now, crazy quilts have been my main stitching...and they don't involve matching points! 
So, when I started on these quilt blocks...I felt very rusty indeed. 
 Finally, I got them where I could live with them...but they are a long way from perfect!
This row is now ready for the next Round Robin gal (NickiLee) for her to add a row to it. In a few will return home all completed with a lap-size row-by-row quilt. I'll add black sashing along the sides and finish with a wide border fabric. Can't wait to see what the ladies in this group cook up for me!

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