Monday, October 17, 2011

Could You Spend A Little Time Helping Another Stitcher...???

There are a great many efforts of comfort going on all over the bloggersphere...and here's one I would like to encourage you to support.
  This past summer...a great many of Stitchers lost their homes in the recent Texas Wildfires.
Several friends are trying to get some Handmade Christmas Ornaments completed to mail down. The deadline for receipt by the hostess is 20 November. If you could just make one ornament...even a simple felt one like the picture would be greatly appreciated. 
All ornaments should be mailed directly to the hostess: 
Shari Jensen, 7015 Loveland Terrace, Fountain, CO  80817-1364 
The little felt ornament above would be super cute...and super easy. If you changed the flower motif to a snowflake, christmas tree, star, mitten, tree ornament shape, snowman, would fit the Christmas Holiday Season perfectly! And the edges could be stitched with your machine blanket stitch setting...if you didn't want to do hand needle work. Add a few beads...and you have a masterpiece!
Here's the link to the pattern and blog featuring the pattern:

Matryoshka Doll Ornament



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