Monday, January 30, 2012

Inquiring Minds...

...want to know. How did you keep the edges of the butterfly from fraying? 
Not a problem, once I finished cross-stitching the beads into place...and reinforcing the butterfly with 24gauge wire...I spread a thin layer of glue (white craft type) all over the back. On top of that, I placed a thin layer of Angelina Fiber.
Let dry overnight...and trimmed very close to the stitching (i.e. beads) the next morning.
Since then...I've also finished the edges with some fiber thread provided to me by my Floridian pal, Willa...
 Doesn't the color match perfectly!
 And, on the reverse...I added some hot-fix crystals with glue backs. The Angelina was not happy to be getting so hot...but, generally I'm okay...since these wings are only my first attempt...and I'm sure to get better at this!

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