Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beaded Butterfly Wings

Here is my Bead Journal Project submission for January. Designed the wings in cross-stitch; and stitched the with Delica Sz 11 seed beads...on 18ct Aida. 
 Then wove 24gauge wire through the that they will stand along. Glued a thin sheet of Angelina Fiber to the back to hide the stitches.
I tried bead weaving...but the loom would not hold tension well. Tried brick stitch, and decided that I do not have enough patience for that! So, cross-stitch was the solution. The following months might see that change...might not. We'll both just have to wait and see!
Am thinking about finishing the edge with a couched line of metallic fiber...if I can find some in my stash. Not sure will set them aside until the muse is ready to work some more.

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