Friday, January 27, 2012

Lovely Snow!

We are certainly having a strange winter this year, here in my homestate of Alabama. It's been more like Spring than Winter...which is great...lot's of days in the 60's! But, you just have the "feeling" that any minute's going to be one REALLY HUGE SNOW STORM! I mean, weather just is not supposed to be this nice in January!
And, while snow is is really bad for us, we just don't have the equipment to clean the streets...
So, as I'm thinking about snow...thought I'd doodle a little CQ Snowman.
He is in color so that you can easily omit any part you don't need.
An embroidery snowman is the best melting!
Think I'll omit the flowers...and bead the seams on mine!
Hope you have fun with him...and send me a photo of your project, I'd love to see it..and of course, will blog about it too!

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