Monday, January 9, 2012

Weather Might Just Kill Me!

Seriously, I'm in real trouble here...I have Spring January!!
The clutter has finally done me in...and I'm knee, waist, neck deep in re-arranging, throwing out, sorting, cleaning, and organizing the entire apartment!
Now, if you know me'll recognize my usual motto:

So, you know this Spring Fever Condition is Serious Trouble!!!
(No, nothing is wrong with my computer...thankfully...)
But, my back is killing me!
And, every single room is at a 80-90% done...there's no where to look that does not have a project waiting for me!
Aidan's room is back to an "Aidan & I" room...ONLY I gave out before setting the desktop computer back up...or putting away the cabinet full of Disney, Barbie, and comedy movies...
My room is now the Studio overflow room, with my recliner, baby pen and bouncy chair for when I keep my niece's little bundle of joy added to the mix...ONLY Aidan's desk is now in all of her books, pencils, crayons, etc also have to get moved into there.
My sewing room is now clear of plastic drawers on the top of my cabinets...and they have been turned around...ONLY the cutting table holds all of the stuff I didn't know where to put...and there still isn't any room for it.
My office/shop finally has the dog beds out of the middle of the floor...ONLY the surface areas are still full of papers that need to be filed/shredded/burned...
The kitchen is minus it's table which was getting to be a catch all...and is now in the sewing room...ONLY the dishes still need to be done and floor needs mopping...
And, there's a load of wash in the washing machine and in the dryer...
And, I have not forgotten the bath either...floors and porcelain are on my list...
I'm so sore I can hardly move...and my motivation is, I'm going to go stitch some...but Tomorrow I'll have to get this place finished!! Remember me...cause...
Tomorrow...the ONLY's are liable to kill me!

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