Friday, March 30, 2012

Another To-Do Added to My List!! Yikes!

Okay, admittedly...I don't need another TO-DO thing on my list! But, my muse woke me up with an idea...and she would not let me go back to sleep until I got up and wrote it down! What AM I going to do with her! She wants to do a padded journal, with samples of SRE, stitching, and cabochons. You know, to just have as a "coffee table book" of sorts. Well, it would be HUGE! But, she is not, she says "do more than one!". Ha! This will be a long term committment I cry...but, "so what' is her reply! So, I'm off on another journey...creating a padded journel. Apparently, more than one!
Why padded you might ask?...well, to raise up an area around the silk ribbon work, so it doesn't get "smushed" when the journal pages are closed.
Might work this into a class..."Be quiet muse!". That would mean charting designs, writing lessons, taking step-by-step photos. Geez...she never sleeps!
Here is the first SRE work...a long-stem the ones in my back yard.

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