Saturday, March 31, 2012

Design Ideas

Do you have ideas for silk ribbon designs, or seam treatments?
 ...Or just general project that you want to accomplish? Thanks to my head just overflows with them at times.
Usually, when I'm no where near my computer or sewing room! 
And, sometimes...after I have written them down...
I can't locate the paper I wrote them on when I need it!
So, I decided that all the odd scraps of paper, steno pads, and note cards just had to go. I needed to get more organized!
But what would keep everything I wanted to remember in one place? It needed to be large enough to be usable...but small enough to put in my BOHO bag. Then it would need be "at ready" when sitting and waiting for an appointment (or on the bus/train commute? baseball game? ballet class?)
AND, since I can't draw a straight line without a ruler...the pages jut had to be "graph paper" style; BUT not printed so dark that I could not see what I did draw...just barely showing,  a guide to help me draw my "artistic" ideas neatly.
 Plus, an area for notes would be needed! To remind me of what project my sketch goes with; or where I saw this cool seam treatment (so I can give credit for the inspiration, if I ever used the seam)...
 "Could others use this type of sketch book too?" my muse asks.
Well, could they? I think so...
So, viola! The "My Crazy Ideas Sketch Book" was born.
 It is over 120 pages of grid paper w/note sections...and has some pages at the front with instruction on how to start sketching your own ideas.
So, if you are looking for a great little sketch book..that YOU are the author of...and you don't want to spend a lot of money on it...I hope you will consider ordering a Sketch Book from ShawklDesigns. These also make great little gifts...and can be used by folks who don't even do Crazy Quilts...any notes can be included...crazy or not! 
At $8.40 they are priced well enough to get more than one. 
I have one that is only for CQ Seams...and another for Project Ideas and Motifs.
And, if my muse doesn't slow down and take a few naps...I might have an entire "library" of these filled up before long!

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