Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beaded Bookmark and Ball

I love Spring...I hate Spring...I love Spring...I hate Spring...my head is so full of crud that I can't keep a straight thought in it for long it seams. It has taken me days to finish up a Round Robin Block...that should have only taken me a few hours. 
 And, when I can't think straight...I really let my mind wander...and THAT gets me into trouble! Like procrastinating!
So, I've been playing around with beads lately...in my medicated state of mind!
 This is a bookmark I finished up.
The beaded part could also be a stand-a-lone item...a bit longer...and it could be a bracelet...just needs a clasp.
And, I did a tassel with a beaded ball on the top (photos below/above)! 
Then, my muse says...why can't the ball surround the top of the tassel...instead of sitting up there like that? Well, I'm back to the drawing board...and will show you what I come up with...perhaps by this weekend.
When I get it all worked out...I'll do a tute or a mini-class...if I can remember to take photos of the "how" part that is! Geez!

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