Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ding, ding, ding!--Emergency!

My muse is beating me over the head! Just found out that my friend Shari (you know of StitchMAP) had an emergency at her house this week. Little Belle (her 5 year old granddaughter) broke her arm! OUCH! 
Major OUCH!
So, I thought that a card and a little "lifting of her spirits" was in order.
So, I fused this butterfly...and now, I'm going to make it SPARKLE with tons of bling! I'll get a photo to add when complete.
If you want to help me lift Belle's spirits...just send me your butterfly and I'll gather them up (any type, style...but remember it's for a FIVE YEAR OLD) and send them on. Or, if you know Shari's can mail them yourself...with a little "get well" card for Belle.
Hugs to you all.
BTW, the butterfly above is from a stained glass pattern. Search the internet for butterfly patterns...and you will see hundreds of ideas. This one is just fused pieces, which I shall blanket stitch on the machine...and add beads and sequins too. It will be "sandwiched" to another sparkly fabric for the back side...and one bent wire for the antenna sewn on...viola...a beautiful butterfly will be born.
Off to sew....back in a little while with another photo.
Okay, I'm back. Here is Belle's little finished butterfly (well not so "little", it measures about 6 x 6 inches).


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