Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lace & Pearls -- Susan's Block

 Just mailed out my work on Susan's block to the next person in the block's rotation. Arlene worked on the block before me, and did a wonderful job of adding some lovely pearls (and gorgeous Silk Ribbon!). So, I thought that more lace was what was needed...and not a lot of beads in the area I wanted to work. Hopefully, you'll agree...and if no...well, don't tell my muse; cause she can get a "real" attitude sometimes! And, I'm just not up to dealing with her right now.
 My first step was to find the right lace...and I selected a really pretty large blue heart; playing off of the little heart beads that Arlene had already put down on a seam. The heart was really pretty...but how to adorn it? It was just not enough all alone. More silk ribbon seemed the obvious choice, but that would not work because it would just "fight" with the lovely silk ribbon already next to it. And, another issue was that there were a lot of seams meeting where the center of the heart would be. So, I decided that the heart needed a solid white center to cover up those seams. I stitched the heart to a piece of white satin, then put a "S" in the center for "Susan". 
 A little blue heart with song bird helped to fill in some space and balanced out the area. I thought about adding pearls to the lace areas...but, there were already enough and balance was achieved just with the lace. Hopefully, Susan will agree when she receives her block; and if not...she is welcome to add more or adjust anything that I stitched. I'm a firm believer that once a block is "yours" you should change it until it makes you happy. You, after all, are the one who is going to live with it from now on.

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