Wednesday, March 14, 2012


These were the worst looking ones! They were the last to be eaten...I almost forgot to get y'all a photo!
Charlyn make lucious chocolate covered strawberries when I was in Mississippi, I watched from my kitchen stool perch...and took mental notes! Then, Aidan and I made our own last night...we made enough to snack, to add to her lunch, to give to Mother and Tracy/John...and still we had some saved in the fridge for tonight! 
Sadly, they are now...all gone.....
But, me have more in a few days. 
1) Purchase berries and pkg of chocolate morsals.
2) Wash strawberries and dry them
3) Put morsals in a microwave bowl, and heat on high for about a minute
4) Stir chocolate until smooth (reheat for 15 seconds when it gets hard)
5) Dip strawberries and place on wax paper (otherwise they stick to whatever you place them on when cool).
Eat! And Share!

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