Friday, March 9, 2012

TAST #10 - Running Stitch

Here is my little photo of the running stitch. Notice anything funny? Yep, it's the Back Side! I put the glue on the wrong side of the fabric...i.e. the FRONT! Geez! But, the odd thing about a running that on the back, it still is a running stitch! So,'s not as pretty as the front was...but I still know what it, I'm not re-doing these stitches. AND, you have something to tease me about too! Ha!
And this little stitch got me to thinking about a project that was done some time ago, and the style could be suited to a running stitch, or a straight stitch, or a wrap stitch since it is on canvas. Thought I'd ask "forgiveness" by sharing this photo as well!
There, that a much better inspirational picture!

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