Monday, March 12, 2012

Tassle Day Dreams

 This past weekend, my muse just wanted to let her mind wander...and day dream.
Nothing of any real significance got accomplished as a result. We did spend some time "piddle patting" and came up with this little blue tassel. Thought y'all might like to see it.
 It starts out simply as most any tassel might. We cut a piece of cardboard about nine inches long; then wrapped some perle cotton around the cardboard...over and over again...longways. When we had enough, we cut one end of the "circle of thread". Then we took a length of the same kind/color of thread and tied the top section to create a loop area.
Next, we did a cast on stitch around the loop section....many hold all of the loose loops together. This creates a nice little "button hole" area.
Then, we added some bugle beads and 4mm round glass bead...just stitched them right to the tassle, through the cast on stitches.
Added some more round beads and 6mm bicone crystals by weaving these through the previous 4mm round beads. Then, we went back through all of the beads a second time, just to make sure they were nice and tightly secure.
My muse wants to use this tassel as some sort of purse closure...and created a bead-dangle thingy to act as the button for the closure. She is quite proud of herself...but, I have many things that need to be worked she had better "get with it" today...or we're gonna have WORDS!

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