Monday, March 12, 2012

This Post Is Only for My BFF's!!

I know that this is a sensitive topic...but, we're Bestest thought you'd like to know of a GOOD THING!
I Am NOT a Doctor...and I DO NOT Play One on TV!
However, I have had a "condition" and's gone.
I have been "sluggish" for the past few months. I was using different over-the-counter remedies...then...
 I started eating Chobani Greek Yogurt (and yes I have tried other types luck). It took a couple of weeks to get me back to normal...
And, I've been continuing to eat the yogurt for a total of about five weeks now. I'm back on track, and regular as a waist is smaller too! Not small...I said small-ER. Ha!

No more pills or powder cocktails for about 4 weeks now!
I have a container for breakfast (or before or after breakfast)...and another for my afternoon snack. It took about a week to get my train going good...and another week to completely get me back on the right track...but, ever since that has stayed on track! Yea!
See all the little tubs stacked up...they should be good for something! I'm thinking little dye cups...but you just never know what ideas I might come up with. 
If Chobani would start using lids...instead of the peel off aluminum thingies...I'd be estatic!!
 Just thought the info might help someone else. Now, I have to go pick my Mother up off the floor...cause she can't believe that I posted this!!

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