Thursday, April 19, 2012

CQ Teddy Bear

I've been wanting to do a CQ Teddy Bear, and have not found the right pattern. I'm still looking. But, in the meantime...I'm doing a little bear just because. It's an easy pattern so that I've had for a while...from Funky Friends Factory. So, we'll just hope for the best. Here are some of the parts with their seams stitch...still have to do the body, head, and arms.
My plan is to stitch...assemble the parts...add beads & SRE...then finish the assembly. Then add more seam embroidery and beads where needed after it is put together. Yes, I know that is the hard way...but it is the way that keeps me from turning beads and sequins inside-out. And, after doing many, many beaded dottie dolls...I learned a few tricks to bead and stitch with a five inch needle...and hide my knots. 
Do you have a favorite little bear pattern? I'm welcoming suggestions...but want a vintage looking little fellow. I'm leaning heavily in the direction of a Gooseberry Hill pattern called the 1903 Bear Pattern. But, still thinking...and hope I don't get "burn out" from just muddling around with this little Teddy.

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