Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I have this friend...

...and I shouldn't say who (her name starts with an S, ends with an I, and has HAR in the middle). She is a formatible women...very multi-tasker wizard type...very caring...very persuasive. The persuasive part gets me in trouble! I mean, I love her...and love her ideas...but some time I have to sleep! When I have one "project" that I have volunteered for...all of a sudden she makes me want to volunteer for another...then it is another. I'm never really sure just how that happens...but every time I hang up the phone with her...I could swear that I have agreeded to another small project (and usually thought up three additional ones all on my own...that dang Muse!)
Anyway...I had a wonderful conversation with her grand-daughter a couple of days ago. A lovely little lady...all of five years old. She had managed to break an arm while playing...and we all are trying to make her feel better by sending butterflies. She had received mine, and a note from my grand-daughter Aidan, and had called to speak to us both...and say thanks.
So, during the conversation...I asked her if she liked bracelets. Mostly because I knew that Aidan would be out of school this week...and needing something to do...so why not get her to make a bracelet. They are quick...and easy...and I could get one done as well. So, in reply she said..."Yes, that would be very lovely. I really like bracelets, and would like one from you and Aidan. Thank you. Also, I would very much like for you to stitch something for me...as I really love what you stitch."
 Well...all I can say is..."The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!"
So, this is Belle's tin...with some stitching. And if you look at the upper left corner, you can get a glimpse of the bracelet that Aidan made as well. We'll be getting it into the mail this week...after the rain stops some.

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