Sunday, April 8, 2012

More goodies...

Hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday today...mine was great! Breakfast with my daughter and granddaughter and spend a good part of the day with Mom. I stitched and she cooked...she wanted to do chicken and dressing...and I did not argue with her! It was tasty!
Then, she asked me to go back to Family Dollar and get her two boxes..."like you got yesterday". Ha! I knew she could not resist!
So, off I went in search...and got the last two! AND, look what else I found while there! The little chests are just adorable, and I love the trash can too. There was a larger one, which would be great with towels rolled up inside...or fabric! But, I settled on the smaller one. I'm thinking that it is small enough to fit behind my machine, and catch all of my strings and such.
Treasures...just treasures!

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