Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oh, goodies! Love pretty organizational tools!

Well, first muse and I actually agreed on something today! Two things....first, we hate yard sales!...not going to them, Having Them! And, actually WE didn't have sister and sister-in-law my (Mom's) front yard. I didn't even help out...and I'm just tired from walking around all day! My muse is just upset because she didn't get anything done..and none of the clothes fit her!
Second thing we agreed on, is that we love sales! 

 And especially when they are sales on cardboard boxes...pretty cardboard boxes and cardboard trays!

Wanted to share...if y'all have a Family Dollar store near you...then, RUN, do not walk...and get some of these! (sorry to all the ladies that don't have this store near you...especially you international girls. But, you can drool over these and then reciprocate by sending me photos of all the luscious lace and pretties you can get that I can't....hugs!!)
I went looking for Easter Candy sales...but got little of that. Found these boxes in four sizes...and got the smallest two sizes only. Then when I went to check-out...saw this lovely matching four of them!

 Smallest Lid Box is 8 x 10 inches. ($4)

Medium Lid Box is 10 x 12 inches. ($5)

Trays are 9 x 12 inches ($2)

Run before these are all gone!
These are so pretty holding your threads, ribbons, and fibers...and keep them together.
(they also are good to stash candy in; so hubby (or granddaughter) can't find it...just saying!)
Oh, and if you have a desk...these trays would make lovely IN and OUT boxes!

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