Monday, May 14, 2012

CQ Block for Pat

This is a round robin block for a swap over on HGTV Message Board. I'm thinking of changing out one of the ribbons...because it seems too dark in the photo. Camera shots have a way of showing you things that just are not so clear when you are looking right at an object.
The swap is a set of 6-inch blocks...with each person doing one block. So, this block will travel to the next person in the group...and she will add her own block to the set...before sending them on to the next person.
If you want to create crazy quilt blocks...jump into a "newbie" or "beginner" swap...the best place for that is over at Yahoo Groups...Crazy Quilting my humble opinion. CQ for Newbies is another great group to consider too! I belong to both...and many more.

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