Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick Bead Project...Perfect for Stitchers

A new little beading class will be offered over at Maureens Vintage Acquisitions today...a beaded bookmark. Just click on the Take-it-Anytime button tomorrow and you will find it.
However, it is so much MORE than just that. This technique makes lovely beaded trim...that can be made to an an exact length. I like to use it to cover the rim of band boxes and tins after the top has been done in crazy quilt fashion or embroidery and lace. Or, use it in garment construction too!...as a lovely trim to cufs or pockets!
But, it doesn't just stop at trim...it can be a piece of jewelry! Add a clasp to the ends and you have a bracelet...a little longer and you have a necklace.
Attaching a charm to one end and grosgrain ribbon to the other makes a bookmark. These are super gifts for teachers...and it only takes about two hours (or less) to complete the project...so several can be made!
Hope you will consider taking the class...it is VERY reasonably priced...and available any time.
I'm always here to answer any questions...but have also spend hours drawing the charts and creating the narrative to explain just how to make the bookmark...so you would be fine just on your own as well I'm sure!

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