Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crystal Ring

A dear friend contacted me yesterday, to see if I could make a beaded ring for her...from a book that we both have. I just love this book...and had wanted to try a project from, sure I thought...why not. Well, some supplies have been ordered...but I had enough to try a small version of the plain crystal (but really, there just is no PLAIN crystal)...
 This one will go to a present for her completing the second grade with such good grades...and only two trips to the principals office all year! Ha!
I'm sure it will mostly get to live in her jewelry box...but, that's okay.
 The band is beaded as well as the front.
Oh, the book is Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovski by Laura McCabe if you want to check it out!
My muse is happy...and I'm going back to stitching something tomorrow...not sure what yet, my list is long...but something will have to get done.....before I start stressing over deadlines. Hugs!

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