Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thread Cards

Yesterday, I spend some time wrapping gorgeous silk ribbon around thread cards. Now, they are neatly lined up in a small box, instead of squished into baggies. I have a few more to go...but thought that you might find a use for these thread cards yourself.
The graphic are cropped and combined; their original source is the Graphics Fairy website. Mine have my initials in the little pink circle...but thought you could use that space to put the color number. There is also a little white box below this circle to write the thread color name.
Open a word document and paste/place the photo file there...spread it to fill the page and print. These are obviously in color, although I printed mine in black and white onto card stock paper. I then glued a second piece of card stock to the back to make it stronger for wrapping. Enjoy!

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