Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Embroidery Basket - Free Design

A while back...I posted about a ribbon embroidery style

This is that same design, modified some...and done in embroidery. 

 I'm thinking this might make a good class project...and am also thinking about adding some more floral volume ...but, no time for that right now. We'll let the muse mull over the design and then see how that turns out.
The basket is stitched first (stem stitch), then the vines (back-stitch), then the leaves (feather-stitch), then the cluster flowers (French knots), and last are the rose flowers (woven rose stitch). Take it one layer at a time. It is seriously not difficult and was finished in about 3 days.
The threads are all Perle Cotton, sz 8 for this project; in colors #1201, #1216, # 1208, and #1221; purchased from Thearica over at CrazyQuiltingSupplies.

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