Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wine Block is a Keeper for Sure!

I seriously love this block! And, am really surprised...because the "theme" really was a difficult one for me to get a good grasp of. Wine=grapes to me...and I had a hard time going beyond that. But, lucky for me...the other ladies in my group...the ones that stitched this block! for ME...had no difficulty at all! 
Here is the simple empty block that I mailed off to the group...And, I so love the results that returned to me! I'm searching through my fabric stash for just the right piece to create a pillow from this. I want it in view all the time. It might just have to live on my permanent design wall for a while...just so I can enjoy it each day.
Thank you ladies (Beryl, Carol, Darlene, and Meg) for the wonderful job!
And to my blogging are some closeup shots of the block, so you can see how great it really, really, is up close! 
Wish you could see it in is even so much better than photos show!

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