Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Weird...Or Should I Be Concerned?

Okay, here's the deal. I woke up this morning...and could not believe what I had been thinking. Now, usually, dreams are just not very memorable at my house. And, as a result...I don't usually recall them at all. Or, if I do, they slip out of my brain pretty fast after waking up. But, not this morning. And that fact alone is somewhat disturbing...why remember THIS dream? Well, I'll let you decide.
Last night, I was a pollster...yep, a lady with a clipboard (it was before internet) asking burning questions to the public. And here were my questions...ready...really this is just too weird...or perhaps I'm seriously disturbed? I'll let you decide that...
Q: When sleeping alone, do you sleep in the middle of the bed or on mostly one side?
Q: If you sleep mostly on one side, is it the side nearest the clock?
SEE...Weird! Or should I be concerned and seek immediate medical attention!

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