Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seriously...5 lbs for a television?

You know that it can only last as long as it takes for all the plastic parts to melt!
Oh, I surely hope to have to "eat those words"...and that the Emerson folks prove me wrong!
Today, after two days of back-breaking work...seriously...I made a trek to WalMart with my SIL...to get a new television for the sewing room. 
It is 22" size...cute little thing...about 2 inches thick...on a little plastic stand...and still cost a whopping $160 before taxes! I know, it's "unseemly" to talk about money...but really...for less than 5 lbs of plastic?
The one good thing about it is that it has a connector for a computer...so I can use it as a monitor too. And since I need one of those for the desktop computer...perhaps it will do "double" duty.
After another trip to town tomorrow...for the right cable at Radio Shack of course!
 Sure hope the extra load of being a television and a monitor doesn't cause it to melt faster!
Oh, the back breaking work part was re-shuffling all of the "stuff" in the craft room, the sewing room, and the bedroom (half of this little house!) to make room for a double-recliner (think loveseat on steroids) in the craft room.
Only, it now is not a craft room...cause it was only about 8 x 10 feet in size to start with...and the addition of the new furniture and moving my largest television in there (with a reading lamp for stitching of course, and side table) sucked up all the space. The only evidence left of crafts is my design wall, a long 8 ft table on one side (with sheet covering the legs...so don't look underneath)...and a family of plastic drawers holding tons of stash!
The television came from the sewing room...so a replacement was needed. 
Took me three days to push, pull, nudge, tug, and shove...and hours more time to organize, vacuum, dust, etc as I went...just to end up with a "space" in the sewing room that needed a new television.
I'm so sore, tired, and "kinked up"...that I could not sleep last night. Seriously, not a single minute...so got up finally around 3 a.m.after rolling over and over in bed like an alligator had me at the bottom of the swamp marinating for his dinner! Aidan was asleep, and I was too tired to stitch...so read instead. Hope, that I get some sleep tonight!
Thanks for hanging in there with me these past couple of weeks...I know that I have not posted much. But, just have too many "other" things going in the family right now.
I'm too tired to cook! And, almost too tired to eat...yeah, I said ALMOST! Got some deli meats and cheeses today...so that Aidan doesn't starve before I get my energy back. Or, some energy...think, I'll go drag the Geritol bottle out and take a swig...wonder if that will keep me up tonight?
Well, we'll see....
BTW...received my Midnight Fantasy Garden block back in this afternoon's mail...and the ladies did a spectacular job with it. I just adore it...and will try to get a photo tomorrow to share.

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