Friday, July 6, 2012


Okay, the heading should give you fair warning!
I'm a bit aggravated this morning. Not overly so...just, tired of something that I think is the companies job...not the customers.
I'm talking about my cable company. You know, television was free when I was had an antenna...and you did not pay to watch all of the channels (yes, there were only about three back then). The advertising commercials that the customer was "forced" to endure watching...paid for whatever costs were associated with the television programming. 
Then, someone (and they should be shot) came up with the wonderful idea of having "special programs"...that no one else had...if you just subscribed to their service. So now, to get even the most basic of programs...everyone has to have a "service"...isn't progress wonderful. 
Now, my subscribed service... happens to be cable television...but the "dishes and such" are just as bad.
Anyway...that's still not what got me aggravated.
Yesterday I went to pay for this wonderful I do every month. And, for those of you that are bill was $111 for the month...which included about $50 for internet service too. So, about $60 for watching television...and I do not get all those movie channels or things...just the most basic of things that includes the local news.
Okay, that's another get my local news/weather...I have to have a special package...the "extended" basic...not just basic service which is the cheapest way to go. So, what the heck is logical about Local Channels not being included in BASIC service?
Anyway...that's still not what got me aggravated...
Yesterday, I upgraded (yeah I'm stupid) to get two DVR-R boxes...these are the type that let you "record" programs so can watch what you might have missed otherwise. 
Ha! there isn't anything much worth watching on television in the first place...if you are not into the "reality" what is there to record? 
My problem is just that...there is nothing to what few programs that I do consider good television...(I'm a NCIS junkie)...are not on all the time. So, I'm going to record those...and watch them over and over...instead of the reality junk that is being passed as television.
I'm sure that Kim K. will not loose any money because I don't care to watch her...but, still...I'm not.
Anyway...that's still not what got me aggravated...
Yesterday, when I upgraded...I was handed two beautiful shinny new boxes...for ME to connect. That's bad enough...but, hey...I'm not stupid...and can figure out how to plug in a cord.
But...when I sat down last night...after the dear-grandDaughter went home and it was quiet enough for me to think...
I determined that the lovely lady at the counter...failed to give me any power cords for these boxes.
Huh! Don't you think they need to be plugged in? I searched for a slot for batteries...but nope...I was right...they ar supposed to run off electricity.
So, another trip to Charter Communications this morning to obtain the two cords was needed.
Then, five hours later...I have successfully installed two DVR-R boxes, and relocated my extended basic box. I have placed three calls to the technical support folks to "activate" same boxes with each connection. I have had to go online to download the instruction manual for one of the mufti-functional changers (for the old extended box) because I have no idea where the original "programming" instructions were and could not get it to recognize the "new" television to save me!  
I strongly believe that customers that perform their own "installation" should not merely..."save" money by not having a company technician do a house call...(one that should be part of "customer service" in my book)...but should get some type of rebate on top of that!
Customer service? What is that?
Certainly my definition is not the same as most companies I deal with today.
If the lady/gent at the counter smiles as you...and doesn't bite your head off when you ask a question...that's supposed to be good customer service?
Boy, I'm feeling awful old today.....and behind the times.
Thanks for listening to my rant...I feel better!
Time to work out my frustration on some piece of cloth...but, think I'll leave that rotary cutter along for just a while longer...just to be safe.
("Walking off and chanting..."that which does not kill you will make you stronger, that which does not kil......" )


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