Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rose & Lilac Collection - Work Basket

I've had a really relaxing day, totally visitors or phone calls. Hours spent with my embroidery hoop and threads. Just lovely! I'm working on the 3rd class in my Rose & Lilac Collection, but remembered that I have not yet shared my 2nd class with you. So sorry to have forgotten.

This class is for a work basket. It can be large or small...really, any cyllinder shape would work. The instructions give loads of options and can be created in any heighth or width.

 The basket is fully lined and could have a gathered top or a detached flat top...or, no top at all.
Wish I had a medium sized one when my son was would have been perfect to put some "quiet" toys into for Sunday services. When he was small...clothes were all that were I did not yet quilt or embroider.
Now, when I create things like this...they go to Aidan for her room. She loves to put special writing and drawing books tucked inside for short trips just down stairs. 
If there was a quilt guild here in my town...she's have less organizational things..because I would need them for myself. Hugs!
The basket has a removable liner, and the cloth basket part can be washed. So, it's perfect for little fingers to dig around in...even though it was designed as a tribute to the Victorian ladies' work baskets, for holding sewing items.


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