Sunday, July 8, 2012

Journal Cover - Part 1

I'm working on a cover for  My Crazy Ideas Sketchbook, and thought you might enjoy doing the same for a journal or sketchbook of yours.Here is the layout of the front cover that I'm using.

 Trace the lines of the design (not the numbers) on to a piece of white muslin, linen, or other favorite fabric to create the embroidery. Resize the layout to fit your own journal size front.

 Trace the embroidery design into the pattern area "1". Place the design a little below the "center"... (Mine is a little too high).
You will use the drawn lines to help align fabric pieces one-at-a-time to complete the crazy style patchwork.  Work in order of the numbered pieces (start with "1", then "2", etc). Note: these are not the "stitching lines", these are the "alignment lines".

I like to use left-over strips of fabric...but you can just cut several from a few fat quarters. Make them different heights, using the pattern guide to determine just high.

Align fabric edge with pencil line, pin, and stitch...

Fold up and Press, Fold Excess Back at Next Alignment Pencil Line,

 Trim to match the next alignment line,

 Repeat until you have worked all of the pieces, in order of their number.
Place the front in your embroidery hoop, and complete your stitching.

In Part 2...we'll work on some seam stitching, and create the journal cover.

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