Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rose & Lilac Collection - Tote

My journal is full of ideas for organizational tools, I just can't get the samples and class instructions written as fast as I want. But, it's good to be feeling "excited" again about stitching, and not as tired as I have been lately.
 Here is a tote that I just finished sewing, and am working on the directions for.
  It has loads of pockets, including one large one in the back that will hold a hoop, and a medium on that is large enough for a large book, large rotary cutter, and pencil/pen/crochet hook in the sectioned off parts.
The inside also has multiple pockets, as well as the sides.
One side has rings to hold "clip on" items...that are not created yet, but are in my Crazy Ideas Journal so I don't forget. Wish I had enough energy and time to do all that my brain can think up!
If you are interested in the Rose & Lilac Collection of organizational items, you can obtain the pattern as part of the class instruction over at Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions...just click on her link to Anytime Classes.
The cost of the class is about what a sewing pattern costs these I'm keeping them really affordable.
They are so easy, I don't expect to be doing a lot of "work" to provide extra instructions...but, will of course if a students needs any help.

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